Gap Dream

Gap Dream is the project of Gabe Fulvimar, a native of Ohio who recently moved to Fullerton, California to live at the headquarters of his record label, Burger Records. Playing a synth-driven style of rock that draws from Fulvimar’s myriad influences – from disco to psychedelic to ambient – Gap Dream is one of the […]

The Abigails

The Abigails are an outlaw country group from Los Angeles led by Warren Thomas. Thomas, an unusual guy with an amicable disposition and a leisurely approach to conversation, writes songs about love, heartache, despair, Jesus, the Devil, and everything in between. When he’s not playing country to the rock crowd, he works at a record […]

The Aquadolls

Melissa Brooks is the leading lady of The Aquadolls, LA’s own ragtag band of eternally teenage bubblegum punks. Ever ambitious, she’s got her own solo project in the works and works closely with garage-rock harbinger Burger Records. It’s clear to anyone who’s ever checked out their Tumblr page that The Aquadolls are all about the […]