Our Last Night – Age Of Ignorance


Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: August 21, 2012

Record Label: Epitaph Records




Things were awfully silent from the Our Last Night camp for a long time. Recently, though, things started to pick up, immensely, for the New Hampshire quartet. Two years following the release of 2010’s We Will All Evolve, the band explained their absence by announcing an album in the works, on which the band had taken months off of touring to write. Production for Age of Ignorance wrapped, touring resumed and the band quickly regenerated interest. But will Age of Ignorance help them keep the momentum they once claimed? I can only say maybe.

That’s not the first impression the album gives you, though. If you were a fan of any of their previous work, you’ll more than likely find the opening track “Fate,” to faithfully follow the band’s signature sound. The beefed up production will no doubt reinforce the bold aggressive vocal delivery by Trevor Wentworth and the crunchy riffs by Matt Wentworth. Already implemented live, this is sure to be a “go-to” track for long time fans of the band. “Send Me To Hell” bounces through its playback, riding upon the step-rhythm provided by drummer Tim Molloy and bassist Alex Woodrow, and though reminiscent of past material, this is where Our Last Night begin to branch out, which becomes blaringly apparent with the title track. “Age of Ignorance” is much more restrained than what fans have come to expect, with a softer Saosin meets Anberlin chorus and pleasant falsetto infused verses.

By the third track, the album has manifested its make or break line: it contains songs that are simply out of the expected range of Our Last Night. Because of this, tracks such as “Send Me To Hell,” “Age of Ignorance,” “Reason To Love,” “Conspiracy,” and “Invincible” may be quickly overlooked or swiftly hated. The tracks are indeed presented in a radio-ready fashion, equipped with straightforward but catchy choruses and melodies, but for an album with only ten tracks, that may be enough for some to disregard Age of Ignorance completely. And with an overall political aspect of the album, many will either side with the band or plainly get tired of such undertones.

But what about the rest of the tracks? The first single, “Liberate Me” holds the same gritty aspect as “Fate,” yet features a stand out chorus and a mix of electronic effects on guitar lines that serve as a guiding force for the track. However, another one of Age of Ignorance’s weakness manifests itself in this track with lines such as “There were never any finger prints to hide / because your death was a suicide.” While the lyrics serve their purpose, and at times have shining moments, they conversely have their awkward ones. Again this happens in “Voices,” though the song’s acoustic-to-electric progression more than makes up for it. “Enemies” seems to sport a faster tempo, with much more attitude than other tracks but the lyrical substance diminishes the overall value. At this point, you’re hooked or you’ve given up on the album. But listeners that stick around are in for one final treat.

“A Sun That Never Sets” returns to Our Last Night’s form of heaviness and melody, complete with impressive instrumentation and creative song writing. The track is the perfect closer for Age of Ignorance, with more than just catchy lines, more than foot tapping, crowd surfing music: here resides the substance that evaded the majority of the album. It’s massively unrelenting and will no doubt serve as one of the strongest songs of Our Last Night’s careers. So again, will this latest release keep the train rolling for Our Last Night? Again, I’m not sure. They’ve taken a risk, a giant one, and undoubtedly fans will abandon ship. On a brighter note, the group can potentially receive larger radio play and garner commercial exposure, with which they could easily find a cozy knack for. But rest assured, when Age of Ignorance is good, it’s the best of Our Last Night.


1. Fate
2. Send Me To Hell
3. Age Of Ignorance
4. Reason To Love
5. Liberate Me
6. Voices
7. Conspiracy
8. Enemy
9. Invincible
10. A Sun That Never Sets

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