Daytrader – Twelve Years


Genre: Emo, Punk

Release Date: May 8, 2012

Record Label: Rise Records






Quite frankly, we are going to run out of original music eventually. With thousands and thousands of artists writing new material every day, it is really inevitable. Riffs will get recycled, singers will become oddly similar to any number of others. Lyrics will get repeated constantly (we are running out of ways to say “I love you”) and song structures will continue to follow the exact same pattern. Just about any album released in this day and age has essentially already been made, but this time it has a slight spin to the  formula. It is a pretty pessimistic outlook on things, but it is also fairly wielded. But if anything, it teaches us to enjoy and seek out authentic music while we still can. So when New York based Punk band Daytrader turned heads and released the impressive Last Days of Rome EP last year, a brand new artist was on the radar. To make matters more interesting, within nine months of releasing that EP, they were signed to Rise Records. Could this be the breath of fresh air that the admittedly stale Punk scene needs?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: Daytrader’s Twelve Years is a refreshing listen and an impassioned debut worth noting. The most distinguished quality of the album is its ability to simultaneously balance a plethora of influences while still keeping a core sense of originality. For the explosive opener of “deadfriends”, Daytrader waste little time proving their worth, mixing a Futures-era Jimmy Eat World sound with one of their own. The song starts off with a creeping verse and evolves into a memorable chorus highlighting the band’s best qualities.  Without losing steam, “If You Need It” follows with one of the most memorable Punk hooks in recent memory and a definite focus on songwriting. Vocalist Tym is talented yet polarizing, as his emotional croon and exuberant yells are not exactly for everyone, despite being very unique. Lyrically, this is one of the most personal and enticing albums since The Dangerous Summer’s Reach for the Sun or even Brand New’s Deja Entendu. The haunting “Skin & Bones” is a testament to that, as Tym’s lyrics are woven nicely. “So it just sinks into my bones/the sinking anchor of the intolerable weight/My fate will find me here/a silken thread always finds where it came from.”  There are plenty of lines and phrases to latch onto here, thus implementing a sense of connection between listener and artist.

The album does suffer from a bit of the usual plagues that ‘debuts’ bring along, however. For the album being only 10 tracks, Daytrader tries to cram as many different sounds into a short time period. The results are hit-or-miss, with the powerful drums and hard hitting punk vibes of “Lost Between the Coasts” being the former, and the slow, droning of “After-Image” being the latter. To add to that, the album’s production takes away from the grit that surrounded The Last Days of Rome in favor or damn-near flawless sound. Whether this is a bonus or a determent is up to the listener, but one cannot deny that the work that Mike Sapone has done is stellar. As I mentioned before, barely anything is original and groundbreaking these days, including Twelve Years. However, if lead single “Firebreather” is what we can expect from future Daytrader albums, then we are in luck. The standout song features outstanding guitar riffs and a passion that is unparalleled in the Pop-Punk scene, and that is just what it needs these days.


1. deadfriends

2. If You Need It

3. Firebreather

4. Skin & Bones

5. Lost Between the Coasts

6. After-Image

7. Struggle With Me

8. Silver Graves

9. Heard it in a Song

10. Letter to a Former Lover

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